Please Help Us To Help Them - Winter Appeal

Please Help Us To Help Them  - Winter Appeal

Dear Supporters

Once again it is our Winter Appeal time. Yes, yet another email asking for donations. We’re so sorry, but we really feel we have to do this.

Unfortunately we have lost more than half of our monthly donors. We completely understand as it has been such a tough time for so many and we are very grateful for all the support we have been given in the past.

We have still never said no to doing what we need to for one of our dogs and cats. And as an example, our adoption fees for the financial year to the end of May brought us in $41,000 and yet our vet bills alone were $125,000. Training fees were another $6,000. And of course there are always other costs.

We still have not been able to do our regular fundraisers again this year, which is very disappointing. Not only financially, but we also love the opportunity to meet with you.

We are going to be okay as we have received bequests that we are drawing on, but we need to keep taking donations as this is the money we have put aside to ensure whatever happens we can always fulfil our obligations in the future.

And, who knows, perhaps one day we can have our own sanctuary where we can place our dogs and cats, rather than in commercial catteries and kennels, when we don’t have suitable foster carers, have dogs/cats needing to move immediately to save their life, or need to work with dogs and cats who have not had a fortunate life. We can always dream!

We really want to thank our adopters too. We love receiving the happy stories from you. We cry with you for the ones that are no longer with us. We thank all our supporters who give us emotional comfort and share our compassion, and make us feel we are not alone.

Victorian Dog Rescue has always relied on you and you have responded. That is why we have been able to operate continuously since 2006.

We are so delighted there are so many rescue groups now and we are no longer in the terrible position of having ‘death lists’ of 25 or so dogs and only being able to take four or five. We will never forget that time. We are all scarred by it.

We are now in the fortunate position of being able to take on older dogs and cats, and some with special needs, without making those heartbreaking choices.

Effie and Abby Van der Velden are two of these special dogs. Their person died. They could easily have been killed but a rescuer intervened and then passed them on to us. Once we have finished their vetwork we will find them a special home.

We continue to run our Pets in Crisis Program and currently have had six animals in care in the last few months. This means the person does not have to surrender their dog or cat when they have other emergencies such as hospital, domestic violence or serious personal issues.

We also have five animals in our permanent care program such as Bobby Randolph (on top) who come to us too old or too frail to be rehomed.

Thank you for supporting these programs, and our political advocacy. You are the reason we can continue on. Thank you so much for your part in saving our dogs and cats.