Quigley's Long Journey

Quigley's Long Journey

Quigley came a long way to get to us, from Broken Hill. He was found as a stray on the street and taken to the pound and then came to us via the North West Rescue Route which collects dogs from a number of Victorian and NSW border pounds. We are often asked to take on those dogs that are very old or need expensive vetwork.

We had to do a lot of work with Quigley to upgrade his health as there was evidence of a traumatic event, perhaps being thrown from or hit by a car or similar. He has a scar near his eye that affects his sight a little and from his tests it appeared he may have lost a lot of blood recently. He also had blood in his urine. We have carried out a few blood and urine tests now and each one has appeared better. He is now in good enough health that we can do his dental. We are uncertain how old he is – the vet said he could even be 10 but just in a bad way. We don’t think he is extremely old as now he is feeling better he pulls on his lead all the way on his very long walks.

He will stay with his foster carer while we do these upgrades. His eyesight is also diminished but a further look by the vet believes it is just the normal ageing process of an older dog. He seems deaf.

He is a very sweet loving boy, who loves his food and can be protective of it. He also isn’t keen on sharing his person so an only dog home with someone around is probably the way we will go.

He has come a long journey to us and we will - as we always do – do our very best for him.