Winter Appeal 2020 - We Need Your Help

Winter Appeal 2020 - We Need Your Help

Four operations later...I am whole and loved in my new home.

Once again it is our Winter Appeal time.

It's been an especially tough year for volunteer groups like ours as we have not been able to run our usual fundraising events. And with no funding from the government this puts us in a very precarious position. We have never had to say no to any necessary surgery for a dog or cat, but especially dealing with seniors the vet bills do mount up.

Every year so many of you have supported us in some way. You really do keep us going – not only financially, but we rely on your emotional support for what we do. It’s so important to us knowing that others do think as we do about our dogs and cats, and believe as we do that each life is precious.

As our supporters and adopters, YOU allow us the opportunity to turn around a dog or cat’s life. For that we will always be grateful.

If you can spare a donation we will be very grateful. If not, we have suggested some other ways you can help below.

And if you could consider a bequest – with or without your dog or cat coming to us for safe keeping – we would love to hear from you.

Please download our flyer that outlines how to donate: Winter Appeal Flyer

Kind regards,

Trisha Taylor, President.