Proud Baggin's New Job - Therapy Dog

Proud Baggin's New Job - Therapy Dog

Baggins Pickersgill has been doing very well although he continues to have a series of issues After fearing he would have to have his eye removed the pressure has now been stabilized with another small operation, But then this week he had a grass seed in the other eye. His diabetes currently is pretty much under control but he needs to stay on a very strict diet and insulin regime.Because of this and concerns with his health we have made him into a permanent VicDRG dog.

Although we have done this with many older dogs over the years this is the first middle-aged dog. Baggins was left in kennels when his person died and was nearly twice the weight he is now when he came to us, nearly blind, and with his diabetes pretty much uncontrolled as he was not being treated properly, despite the best effort of the kennels who were not equipped to handle such a problematic dog. If he had not come to us he would be dead from his multiple issues.

Recently Baggins went to Diggers Herding to see how he would react to sheep. Baggins was so excited to be amongst other working dogs and the sheep that he barked ceaselessly, making a proper nuisance of himself. Baggins' foster family (foster mum and dad plus another Koolie and Kelpie) had to leave after an hour without even seeing our Sahara (another VicDRG Koolie adopted to Dave and Geoff at Diggers). How embarrassing; and after all that driving!

Baggins running on beach

Baggins has loved having his foster mum home during lock-down. He may wish lockdown lasted forever!

Yet Baggins has found another job to do. He is being trained to work alongside his foster mum as a school therapy dog. We have been videotaping his interactions with other dogs, older people and children. He has to complete many video tasks before he achieves his certification and we have started working on his down stay. As a therapy dog, he will need to stay on his mat for lengthy periods of time so it is an important skill for him to learn. He is relishing all the work and taking it in his stride.

All our dogs are special, but Baggins Pickersgill, despite all his health issues, is going to be a real contributor to the community with his role as a therapy dog. He was meant to come to us and to find his place with his foster carer who happens to be a teacher at a school where Baggins will be a real asset.

Thank you to Lyndsay of Paw Focus for these lovely photos of Baggins Pickersgill.