Winter Appeal 2019 - Can You Please Help

Winter Appeal 2019 - Can You Please Help

Once again it is our Winter Appeal time.

We realise that so many worthy groups are asking for your assistance, but unfortunately as a volunteer group with no funding we must do the same.

We continue to have a focus on dogs & cats where their person, often a senior, is no longer able to care for them. Now that there are so many groups working in rural Victoria we are able to help a variety of other dogs and cats – from pounds, private surrenders, pets in crisis through social welfare agencies, and ex-puppy farm dogs. If we cannot directly assist we give advice, sometimes send out a trainer, sometimes pay vet bills.

A few of dogs & cats we have helped this year.

Oscar Vanderhoven

Oscar Vanderhoven came to us emaciated (left), with a home docked tail, covered in dog bites and a chain embedded around his neck.

At only one year old he is still a puppy and now, because of your support, Oscar is now learning to be the dog he should be (right).

Oscar Vanderhoven

We have funded Jessie Jamieson's (left) hip replacement, necessary after being abused physically in her earlier years.

Klaus (right) - formerly known as Simon Quigley is an adorable boy for whom we have now arranged two liver shunt operations.

How your donations help us to help them.

We invest heavily in trainers as many of our dogs come to us with inadequate socialisation. We will always keep our promise to do whatever is necessary - in both behaviour and health - to give our dogs and cats what they need.

It is so satisfying to be able to turn a sometimes fearful or shut down dog into the pet they should be, while some of our dogs and cats have just had bad luck and need the opportunity to find a second home, this time for life.

We continue to operate as a community foster care network, in that all our dogs and cats are in private homes. If there is no foster carer available, we pay for commercial kennels until we find one.

We run public education seminars on aspects of dog behavior, training and common problems with the aim of helping dogs fit into the family better and to avoid possible surrenders.

We run courses for other rescue groups on how to assess dogs properly and bear the cost because it is in everyone’s - especially the dog’s - interest.

We continue to advocate for the place of rescue groups in the community and promote the fantastic work they all do.

Sadly the government has again broken their promises to us and the new source numbers coming in on the July 1 do not even allow us to register as an organisation but only as individuals. We are classified in the same section as back yard breeders, but we will be tackling that in another forum.

Please help us by whatever means you can.

The greatest gift you can give today is to change the life of a cat or dog for tomorrow.

If you can spare a donation we will be very grateful.


And if you could consider a bequest – with or without your dog or cat coming to us for safe keeping – we would love to hear from you.