RIP Toby. Another victim of Mildura Pound.

You were found wandering on the street and a kind person took you to Mildura Pound on the 7th September, no doubt hoping you would be claimed or sent to a rescue group.
A rescue group had their name on you as soon as they knew you were there. They had a warm bed, good food, and lots of tlc waiting for you once you served your eight days because they knew already that there is no duty of care in Mildura. The Council chooses not to have foster carers where they can send these old or ill dogs and cats to wait out their mandatory 8 days.

On the 12th of September, five long days after your arrival, a vet came to the pound and vaccinated you and others. That means you sat there, cold and alone and no doubt scared, for 5 days before the vet even saw you to vaccinate you. You were an ancient dog, with a clearly visible large lump on your anus, clearly not in peak condition. What vet would vaccinate a dog in this condition? Rather the vet should have said this dog should be in our isolation ward in Benetook Clinic. In a decade we have not known a dog or cat go to this isolation area at Benetook Cllnic but the auditor at the responsible department assures rescue groups this does exist and the pound is therefore compliant with the Code of Death, that is the Code of Practice for the Management of Shelters and Pounds.

So then the new local laws manager decided that you could not be released for eight days after your vaccination because the Code says that 'all animals must be vaccinated and serve an eight day quarantine period prior to animals being made available for rehoming". But you weren't going to be rehomed – you were going to a rescue group who under their section 84y agreement would have taken you and been responsible for any quarantine period being completed.

The Code of Death also says at the conclusion of the statutory period the animal can be released 'at the discretion of the operations manager or veterinary practitioner.' Cruelty and incompetence combined – an ongoing pair in Mildura.

So after 13 days in the pound – because of the whim of one person in charge at the pound – you gave up and you died. In your lonely cell – perhaps it was all too much and you were defeated – with the noise of scared animals around you – did anyone touch you or give you a pat on the head or check you were eating your food or think you should go to the vet. Did you literally freeze to death? – the temperature in Mildura at night was 8 celsius and you were in a cold, unheated concrete cell. You died alone when you could have been in the warm arms of a rescuer – perhaps to live, perhaps to die from your age and health, but knowing that someone cared and loved you.

You didn't know that not just the one individual of the group that tried to save you – but fifty or sixty other people – were willing you to hold on, to wait for that warm bed, that food, that love, that care.
But you couldn't. Was the vaccination the final straw for your old tired body?

We again say we are so sorry Toby. We really wanted to be there for you.

Mildura Council – you continue to be a disgrace.