Louis Mandeville - is in his new home

Breed: Male French Bulldog x Pug

Age/DOB: 8/10/19

  • Louis, Male French Bulldog x Pug
  • Louis, Male French Bulldog x Pug
  • Louis, Male French Bulldog x Pug
  • Louis, Male French Bulldog x Pug
  • Louis, Male French Bulldog x Pug

Please note: Louis will be rehomed with another dog or his new friend Andre Mandeville.

What a sweetie! Louis is a delightful little guy, five months old, and having a great time learning about the world and what it is to be a dog. Friendly and curious, he enjoys lots of human and doggy company.

He loves to play with his buddy Andre, and we would love to find a home where they can both grow up together. Louis currently sleeps with Andre in a crate and will often sneak in there for a nap after a big play session. As a youngster, he is very playful and curious, and is learning from his older dog friend how to play nicely and respect another dog’s space. Louis will need training and guidance on how to behave with older or bigger dogs, but he is a very fast learner and is very eager to please. And he does respect other dog’s warnings.

Louis has taught himself to use a dog door and is almost housetrained, but may need to be supervised in a new home until he learns the rules for toileting, especially if he does not have a dog door to use. He is enjoying learning to walk on a loose lead next to to his human.

Louis will need some extra attention when he starts teething - some chew toys to help his new teeth and some human guidance about playing gently with other dogs and humans.

Louis’ foster mother describes him as ‘a beautiful, easy to train puppy’. He would benefit enormously from living with a companion dog. He has not yet met any cats, but we have no doubt he will be an easy-going companion for other members of his new adopted family.

Location Fitzroy North

Microchip Number: 956000010491590
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Louis Is having pelvic osteotomy surgery, then he will be 100% for his lifetime.

Adoption Fee: $580

Louis Mandeville has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.