Bruce Delvaney & Shaquila Jezruddin are in their new home

Breed: Medium Whippets x

Age/DOB: Bruce 26/06/15, Shaquila 22/12/10
Weight: Bruce 15 kgs, Shaquila 12 kgs

  • Bruce and Shaquila, Medium Whippets x
  • Shaquila and Bruce, Medium Whippets x

Please note: Bruce and Shaquila have developed a loving bond and we will be rehoming them together.

Bruce is an affectionate dog who loves his people and his pack buddies. He is very easy going around people and other dogs. He can run very fast but is quite happy to reduce speed so Shaquila can eventually win all races :-) When all his energy is spent he is happy to be a couch potato for a few hours until the next run.

Bruce has fairly good recall but can get distracted on his way back to you. Adding treat rewards to the recall should do the trick. He has been on properties all his life so is used to having large paddocks to safely race and chase in. The one thing that may separate him from other whippets is his love for water. He loves plunging head first into a dam and going for a swim.

He is a tall whippet and can jump quite high. He will chase cats if they run but is trying hard to fight this natural instinct with the cats he currently shares his home with. He is very sensitive to temperature both too hot and cold.

Shaquila is a sweet, gentle girl looking for an equally caring, easy-going family to call her own and dote on lovingly!

Due to her affectionate nature, she tends to want to be a part of whatever you're doing and will follow you around the house as much as she can. Her big brown eyes look up at you adoringly, and she loves to plant nose kisses at every opportunity. Shaquila needs company, so it would be best if her humans were around a lot. She gets along wonderfully with other dogs of different shapes and sizes. Shaquila is curious about cats and she doesn't mind chasing them when the chance arises but she doesn't want to hurt them.

Shaquila will need a guardian or family who will put some time and effort into training her so she knows what you want from her. She adapts well to change and attaches easily, coming out of her shell more and more with time. Shaquila loves her time off leash where she is free to run and explore - she is very fast! At least 30 minutes of running each day will allow her to be a happy couch potato for the rest of the day, curling up with her humans or snuggling in her bed.

This lovely girl has a whole lot of love to give, and is longing to give it all to the right guardian or family.
Shaquila is quite an athlete and her new home will have secure high fencing. She can clear swimming pool fencing!

Microchip Number: Shaquila 956 000 005 567, Bruce 941000018242989
Source Number: EE104797

Medical Notes:

Adoption Fee: $1050 for Bruce and Shaquila

Bruce Delvaney & Shaquila Jezruddin has/have been adopted.

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.