Happy Tails

  • Jesse Enjoying Life Overseas

    Jesse Enjoying Life Overseas

    We fostered Jesse from VicDog Rescue in June 2008 when she was about 2 years old. She had been left at Mildura pound with her name on a card around her neck. She was our first foster and our first and only failed foster…

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  • Chloe and Kobi Adderley

    Chloe and Kobi Adderley

    I am so pleased these oldies came to share their lives with me and although they are in their twilight years, I hope they have many, happy years, ahead of them…

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  • Karma Rohirrim

    Karma Rohirrim

    When I heard about Karma’s story and her past life as a puppy farm dog, I knew I had to take this little girl in and give her some well-deserved TLC that she had never received before…

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  • Chilli (formerly Dolly)

    Chilli (formerly Dolly)

    Chill is still going amazingly, her vet is so impressed with her given that she is 15 years old. She still thinks she is a youngster and doing her kelpie runs…

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  • Puppus Uchello

    Puppus Uchello

    Thank you Victorian Dog Rescue for allowing us to adopt Mr Puppus Uchello. We have been looking for a companion since the passing of our little Jack Russell last year. Puppus has given us both plenty of fun and joy…

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  • Clodagh


    I can’t believe it has been a year – and yet Clodagh seems to have always been a part of our family. Clodagh is doing really well. She has grown a little and is loving having so many in the house to spend time with her. She still doesn’t love our dog…

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  • Tarn now Buckie

    Tarn now Buckie

    I got Mum to send u some photos of my life (hope she did not send too many !) As u can see from the photos I have Mum & Dad wrapped around my little paw they love me unconditionally just as I love them . They tell people how lucky they are that they got ME…

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  • Ozzie now Max

    Ozzie now Max

    My lovely Max is still with us. He's been the most beautiful dog. Such a gentle and kind nature…

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  • George


    George will be 14 next month and is going great. He still has his two walks a day and even has a bit of a run around with our other rescue border collie, Rusty, who is 4. They are great buddies…

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  • Rafe and Ryder (formerly Gary and Steve)

    Rafe and Ryder (formerly Gary and Steve)

    Rafe and Ryder have now been renamed Gary and Steve. They are the most hilarious joyful little guys! They are still hooked to the hip…

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  • Bella Lafferty

    Bella Lafferty

    Bella Lafferty LOVES watching dogs on TV and has claimed one of the beds…

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  • Miriam (formerly Odette)

    Miriam (formerly Odette)

    I used to think people that obsessed about dogs were the strangest people. Then we got Miriam…

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  • Osmund Weiger

    Osmund Weiger

    Oz is turning into a bit of a success story as he has continued to make great progress. He’s so happy we are both working from home, and it has definitely resulted in a change in his behaviour and general demeanour. We have absolutely no regrets about taking him on…

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  • Pansy Wazowski

    Pansy Wazowski

    Pansy is the most beautiful dog, from the moment she joined our family her personality flourished and this kind, sweet and confident came out and it was like her previous life never happened. She is in love with her sister and brother. Enjoys sun baking, cuddles in bed, car rides and is a huge mummy’s girl…

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  • Ethan


    The day Ethan joined our family in 2007 he was a very nervous and anxious boy. He had been in foster care for months after coming from Mildura Pound was suddenly thrust into a new home with a new family. He didn’t leave my side all afternoon…

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  • Sparrow and Storm

    Sparrow and Storm

    Wow, I have just realised it is 3 years since I adopted this gorgeous pair; how quickly time has gone and how much they have added to my life…

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  • Gideon Zolly

    Gideon Zolly

    Gideon has settled in really well and is such a great addition to our family, we don't know what we did without him. It was a slow start (it was about a week before he ventured out of his room!) but then he met our original cat O'Malley, and gradually grew to trust us all…

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  • Vanya aka Parker

    Vanya aka Parker

    Parker is doing very well. He is the most beautiful little soul. We had our 6 year gotcha day last week…

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  • Luna


    Luna is doing really well, and we absolutely adore her. She has the most beautiful spirit, knows exactly what she wants, and always lets us know if she wants more cuddles…

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  • Tarragon aka Bomb

    Tarragon aka Bomb

    We instantly called him Bomb because he answered to it and he was a power pack of energy anyway. Initially he was happy to be wrapped up and loved like a baby, never leaving our side…

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Read the stories of our rescue dogs and cats that have landed on their paws and are now living in their forever homes. Read what happiness they have brought  to people of all walks of life. It's these happy endings  that  make up for all the heartache and hard work.