Dogs For Adoption

  • Zac and Ellie Farquhar

    Zac and Ellie Farquhar

    Zac male Maltese x Shih Tzug, Ellie female Maltese x Shih Tzu, DOB Zac 18/06/2007, Ellie 01/05/2008

    What a gorgeous duo - just like an old married couple. Zac is a big sweetie and once he gets the opportunity to snuggle up with you he will get as close as possible...

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  • Floyd Devereux

    Floyd Devereux is on hold

    Male Wolfhound x, DOB 5/11/15

    Please note: Floyd would prefer to live with another dog that is a good playmate for him. But because he is over-excited on meeting other dogs he needs a confident dog that will be fine with this. Floyd Devereux is a beautiful, happy boy who has an exuberant nature and loves to play...

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  • Haylee Mandeville

    Haylee Mandeville

    Female French Bulldog x Pug, DOB 18/12/16

    Please note: to progress further you will need to complete an adoption application form. Hayley will only be rehomed with another dog.
    Haylee is one of the happiest foster dogs we have ever had. With her constant tail wag and friendly, outgoing personality we dare you to not fall in love...

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  • Buster Pachuka

    Buster Pachuka

    Medium Male Beagle x, DOB 17/2/13

    Please note: Buster will only be rehomed with another dog.< /br>Buster is a very friendly boy. He loves to be rubbed down and shown lots of affection - this love is always returned of course! His friendly nature is one of his most loveable traits ...

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  • Pedro

    Pedro is on hold

    Male Pug x, DOB 24/12/19

    Please note: Pedro will only be rehomed with another dog..
    Pedro is an absolute sweetheart and so gentle. He is still building his confidence with the outside world but has the most loving and trusting nature...

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  • Quigley


    Male Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 6/5/06

    Quigley is pretty quiet but incredibly sweet and likes to stay close to you at all times. He loves a good back scratch and massage and sticks out his little paw if you dare stop too soon! He is deaf and shows no response to any noise at all...

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  • Bronx Saltmarsh

    Bronx Saltmarsh

    Male Bull Arab x Greyhound, DOB DOB 18/5/15

    Bronx is an adorable boy. He is happy to chill on his bed, but does look forward to getting out in the fresh air for his exercise. Bronx is looking for a family that will have time...

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  • Rogan Saltmarsh

    Rogan Saltmarsh

    Male Bull Arab x, DOB 9/6/13

    Looking for a dog with a great manners and a heart of gold? Meet Rogan! Rogan is a very placid boy. He's a calm presence in the house - he doesn't bark, run or jump around. He loves affection and gives you his paw to prompt for more...

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  • Puppus Uchello

    Puppus Uchello

    Male Jack Russell Terrier x, DOB 6/11/12

    Puppas is very affectionate, enjoys a pat and playing fetch with his soft toys. He is happiest on the sofa next to you and loves giving kisses on the chin and curling up somewhere warm...

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  • Charlee Saltmarsh

    Charlee Saltmarsh

    Female Miniature Fox Terrier x, DOB 1/1/15

    Please note: Charlee will be an only dog in her new home. Charlee may not be able to perform tricks or sit on command but she will impress with her boundless affection and kindness. This girl is a nuzzler and a cuddler...

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Check out our gallery with rescue dogs of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.

It is our policy not to rehome dogs in the Sunraysia area. Please go to your local pound, or contact your local group. As rescue groups have transported thousands of homeless dogs from Mildura and Sunraysia Pounds in the last decade, we do not intend to send any back there.