Cats For Adoption

  • Jaele


    Female Manx x, DOB 19/12/2015

    Jaele is a special needs girl.
    Jaele is a friendly, gentle girl who enjoys the company of her dog and cat housemates, but is also happy to spend time by herself on a sunny windowsill...

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  • Billy Ebsworth

    Billy Ebsworth

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 5/5/19

    Are you a good hugger? Billy is looking for a special someone who is fond of cuddles and happy to be kissed by this furry little face. This is one sweet and smoochy boy...

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  • Lulu and Chi Chi Fontana

    Lulu and Chi Chi Fontana

    Female Domestic Medium Hair, DOB Lulu 2/11/18, Chi-Chi 17/11/18

    ChiChi and Lulu are sweet friends who have found themselves looking for a new home and family to love. Both are friendly and shy. Lulu has one eye and Chi Chi has no tail...

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  • Helsinki


    Male Domestic Medium Hair, DOB 1/6/19

    I am not from Helsinki, nor am I a Russian Blue, but I do have the beautiful coat that would be needed in those climates. Who am I?...

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  • Hadassa

    Hadassa is checking out her new home

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 26/6/19

    Here is Hadassa ~ a beautiful girl with a great personality, who loves a snuggle. She is very affectionate and confident to approach even those she doesn't know. Hadassa adores her baby Horatio and is very protective of him...

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  • Horatio

    Horatio is checking out his new home

    Male Domestic Medium Hair, DOB 29/10/20


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  • Zinnia Jagoda

    Zinnia Jagoda

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 12/11/20

    Zinnia is very smart ~ she is always the first to work out how to play with every toy and will beat all the other cats to catch the string toy or the laser...

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  • Peregrine Jagoda

    Peregrine Jagoda

    Male Domestic Medium Hair, DOB 12/11/20

    Peregrine is a little smoocher. He loves a cuddle and a scratch and will follow you around like a little shadow...

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  • Florian Jagoda

    Florian Jagoda

    Male Domestic Short Hair , DOB 12/11/20

    Florian is the biggest and the most adventurous kitten of his litter. He can be a bit of a loner will go off by himself to play and explore...

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  • Clover Jagoda

    Clover Jagoda

    Female Domestic Medium , DOB 12/11/20

    Clover Jagoda is so beautiful. This tiny girl is quite timid and would prefer to be a solo cat. Further information is coming soon...

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  • Manuka Jagoda

    Manuka Jagoda

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 12/11/20

    Manuka is an adorable little kitten. She is really cheeky but still quite timid. Manuka never misses an opportunity to sneak into rooms...

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  • Catthew Hartwell

    Catthew Hartwell

    Male Domestic Short Hair , DOB 29/11/14

    Catthew has been a little quiet while he adapts to his new environment. He loves his catnip toys so much he will often carry them around with him...

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Check out our gallery with rescue cats of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.